Over the past six years, World Film Collective has developed a number of training programmes to teach young people how to make films on cell phones and market and distribute these films via social media. We’ve trained over 400 young filmmakers and thier films have been watched by audiences of thousands across the globe. [read more]


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In four years we have trained 364 young people to make films on mobile phones. Our aim is to be the most successful training organisation in the world that teaches young people, especially the disadvantaged, how to make first class films in the new broadcast era. Cell phone film-making has already brought the horrors of the clashes and injustices in Libya, Syria, Iran, Yemen onto TV screens around the world. We want to expand the ways that young people can make media, which changes attitudes, perceptions and lives by bringing visual images made by youth across the globe to worldwide audiences. Since starting in 2008, we have championed the voice of the youth around the world. Now we want to anchor a permanent place in the fast advancing digital media space for cell phone films with revolutionary teaching methods.

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