Overriding aspiration

WFC has spent the past four years developing a model and during this time it has been reliant on donor funding. Over the next four years we will move to a stage where the things we do will have commercial applications for our fimmakers and by doing so, generate revenues that will move WFC onto a sustainable basis. [read more]

Overriding aspiration continues…

WFC’s model combines filmmaking training with revenue generating opportunities for filmmakers. The training programme has been developed in consultation with filmmakers and film educators around the world. It has responded to the needs of the young people participating, while keeping up with the fast pace of change within the digital media landscape. It combines classical filmmaking with the technological necessities of using a cell phone. Tutors work with the young people to create a unique brand and a marketing strategy to go with it. The curriculum is designed to draw students into a film production team, creating a ‘real-life’ working environment in which they learn vital employment skills. The training includes instruction on how to raise finance for films, create budgets, and harness distribution opportunities at little or no cost. WFC believes that a young person’s life can be significantly improved by their ability to earn a living, and our education programme reflects this.

Stage two of the model sees filmmakers given access as ‘members’ to WFC’s media hubs. In South Africa, our hub is located at St Raphael’s Church Hall, Khayelitsha, Cape Town, and in the UK, at The Hackney Picturehouse, Hackney, East London. Members can ‘hot desk’ computers to work on their own projects. However, this is predominantly the space where WFC filmmakers work on projects that have been commissioned or on developing further revenue from the channels they have built.

Our media hubs also serve as a portal for WFC graduates to access internship and apprenticeship opportunities, with production companies in the UK and South Africa generously offering placements to these trained young filmmakers. In the UK The Shed Media Group, a leading producer and distributor of audiovisual content with companies in the UK (such as Wall to Wall) as well as in the US, has pledged to take interns from our programmes, amongst others.

With a growing number of opportunities for digital filmmakers and a wealth of creative talent amongst youth, WFC is confident about the future of young people across our programme countries. Having tested a number of revenue generating models within the digital media arena over the past four years, WFC has identified the opportunities and is excited to work with young people to harness them.

Partners are being sought to support a step change in WFC’s activities and impact, which will ensure the charity operates at the forefront of a global media movement sustainably into the future.

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