What we do

World Film Collective’s training programme has been developed organically, always looking to the target group and asking “what works for you”. This is one of the central reasons why WFC began by using mobile technology to engage young people – young people use it, understand it and they all have access to it. By starting with mobile phones young people are already engaged.

In recent times, WFC has sought to balance its organic approach with ensuring it meets the delivery demands of various accrediting bodies, importantly giving young people a qualification to take away with them, alongside of films showcasing their talents and all of the benefits of technical and life skills development. WFC promotes the “learn by doing” methodology and encourages young people to be continuously generating, structuring and producing their ideas as part of a team, with guidance from highly skilled media professionals trained to work with young people.

The training programme has evolved from being a series of four 50-hour workshops in different genres of film making (Fictional shorts, Short Docs, News and Sports Reporting and Video Art) to become a six-month programme combining education in cell phone film making with practical application in making films. Responding to the varying needs and capacity of the students, the six-month programme takes some students all the way to professional film maker level, while others will learn skills and the discipline required from a working environment, preparing them for internships in the media, other related industries and employment more generally.

The ‘learn by doing’ approach is evident in the 6 month programme, which aims to get young people to the stage whereby they can independently direct, produce and edit films. At the end of the process, our young people will not only have solid film making skills but they will also have a solid film portfolio.

The entrepreneurs within the group are supported in monetising remuneration models within the online and mobile space. Others are fed into programmes for entrepreneurs. All will become a ‘Member’ of WFC and have access to the tools for film making and digital distribution, as well as the pastoral support that underpins it, taking them out of risk.

Main activities

  • Training: delivering a range of mobile-phone filmmaking workshops to young people aged 10 – 25 years old, enlisting local partners for recruitment, implementation and support and delivering accreditation through national awarding bodies where possible
  • On-going support: guiding young people towards further training opportunities and where possible into the world of work, especially media related opportunities
  • Encouraging entrepreneurship: developing opportunities for young people to produce and sell mobile phone content as a source of work and income whilst educating wider audiences on the realities of youth culture

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Why we do it

WFC believes in the power of media to change young people’s lives, giving them the confidence and skills to express their artistic potential, act as a voice for their communities on a worldwide level as well as access employment so they can move away from disadvantage. The WFC team is inspired by a common vision to empower young people through filmmaking and the production and distribution of challenging and insightful media.

WFC makes a powerful grass roots contribution to media by helping our project participants to produce high quality broadcast content that educates, entertains and challenges stereotypes surrounding them and their communities, working with these young people to distribute their content. All of our projects are driven by the young people we work with. The WFC team acts as facilitators rather than controlling the film-making process because our aim is to empower young people to independently create their own film content and to develop their own entrepreneurial capacity.

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