Since beginning working in Palestine in 2008, WFC has run six successful programmes across the West Bank offering 90 training opportunities to young people from Balata Refugee Camp, Nablus, Aida Refugee Camp, Bethlehem, Bint Al-Azwar School, Ramallah and Qattan Foundation Cultural Centre in rural Nelin.

WFC Palestine began when Alice met Nidal Atrash in 2006. Together, they figured out the technical backend of making films on a cell phones, which was pretty obscure at the time. Nidal’s expertise in the tech side of filmmaking, combined with his knowledge of software, meant he could work out how to get video files from cell phones into free editing software that came with every version of Microsoft Windows. Nidal would spend hours sitting on his verandah in Bethlehem smoking hubbily bubbily and getting what they needed. Nidal then co-tutored the first programme in Aida Refugee Camp in Bethlehem with Alice. He and his best friend, WFC Project Co-ordinator, Nida’ Rishmawi, went on to run six training programmes across the West Bank including one in partnership with The British Council

WFC trains young people in Aida refugee camp, Bethlehem – fictional films. In partnership with Al Rowwad Cultural Centre

Aida Camp Part II – documentary shorts. Three films: impact of economic downturn on the market in Bethlehem; activities in the local park; Dabkeh, a traditional Palestinian dance

WFC partners with Hoping Foundation to run a programme in Balata Refugee Camp, Nablus – documentary shorts

Alice trains 6 professional filmmakers and drama practitioners to deliver WFC programmes under Nidal’s leadership

WFC training programme – documentary shorts – Bint Al- Azwar School, Ramallah

Follow up programme Balata Camp, Nablus – fictional shorts

Rare and fascinating insight into relationships within the camp, student’s final film, The Punishment, portrays dynamics in families where fathers are deceased, often as a result of the conflict, and young sons take control of the family. Although rudimentary, The Punishment shows not only the impact of fatherless homes in a society immersed in conflict, it also demonstrates the will of the young women to express their discontent at being ruled by their older brothers.

British Council UK-Palestine Film Festival – WFC invited to present films to audiences across West Bank

WFC partners with Qattan Foundation – documentary shorts – Nelin village, Ramallah