Select Camera

Select the clips you want to edit


Trim Video

android-edit-3Use the markers on the left and right-hand side of the clip to shorten it

This is rough cut – you can be more precise at the next stage

Tap on the marker you want to move so that it becomes orange

Press the play button to find the place you want to put the marker.

Move the marker to that place

When you re-play the video, the marker will stay at the point you have chosen

Rough cut all of the clips that you want to use



Press to start fine cutting

From the scroll menu along the bottom of the screen, select Clip edit

Your clips are at the bootom of the screen

Select the clip you want to fine cut

You have 2 ways of cutting the clip:

  • Trim
  • Split


This works the same way as ‘Trim Video’

Use the markers to cut the part of the clip that you want to use


This cuts the clip at the point you put the marker

You will then have two clips below, where before you just had one

The advantage of using Split is if you want to use more than one part of the clip

Deleting the clips you do not want to use

Press the cross in the top right-hand corner of the clip

A box will come asking asking if you want to delete

Press OK

Putting the clips in sequence

Press on the clip you wish to move

Drag it to the place you want it to appear

When you have finished fine cutting press  [tick]


Press Save to save you project

It will be saved in Studio

Adding music and voice over

android-edit-6-audioOpen the Voice Recorder

Press the white and red circle to record your song or voice

The recording will appear in a list

Click the 3 dots at the top right-hand side

Click Select

Selec the clip you have just recorded

Click the three dots at the top right-hand side of the screen

Click Rename

Open Viva Video

Click on Studio

Open your project

Click on the music icon

android-edit-7-musicClick on ‘Tap to add music’

From the top menu, click on My Library

Select the clip you wish to use

You can cut the clip if you wish, using the arrows


The music will run under the clip and loop

Putting the music/ voice recording in a specific place in your film

Click the edit symbol

Scroll along the bottom menu ad click on ‘Music’

Find the place in the film where you wish to place the music

Click ‘Add’

In the top menu go to My Library

Select the recording


Chose the point in the film where you want the audio to stop

If yu want to delete and try again click Edit

You can also change the volume of the clip here too


android-edit-8-textClick the edit symbol

Click Text

Find the place in the film where you want the subtitle to go

Click Add

From the menu of text boxes, select the blue rectangle or leave blank, as you prefer

Type the text you wish to add

Press, hold and drag the clip to the bottom of the screen

Adding a clip

Click the Edit icon

Scroll across the bottom menu

Click on Add clip

You will be aken back to the gallery and can select the clip you wish to add

Saving your project

If you wish to save your project and finish it later, click the save icon on the Trim Video screen

Exporting your finished film

android-edit-10-exportIt is good to export your finished film as it will mean you have a file of the film.

You can then use this to bluetooth or send through a computer

It will also be easier to show friends as the film will be in your Gallery

Click on the orange aeroplane at the top right-hand side of the screen

Choose the orange symbol in the top left-hand side of the screen

Sharing your finished film on Youtube

Click on the orange aeroplane at the top right-hand side of the screen

Click on the Youtube icon

Upload your film